Why Do Animals Live In Groups?

We will watch a video, read an article (Click Here) and play a game to show why animals, especially meerkats, live in groups. Be ready to explain the reasons in your own words!

Earth Day 2019

First, go to this article to read about renewable and non-renewable resources. If we have time after that, you may try this game to see how well you used your resources to save the world! Later this week, we will look into recycling and composting and maybe even make our own paper!


We’re going to take a survey to say what we think about how we learn in school. Click HERE to take the survey!

Endangered Animal Research

Here are some useful sites that might help you find your information! The World Wildlife Fund does a lot to help animals all over the world. You can find out where your animal lives and what dangers it faces, but you might need extra information on what people are doing to help. Animal Planet is…

A & P Kahoot

Teacher go to Kahoot and start the game for a quiz code to appear for students.

Ben’s Guide

Use the Ben’s Guide webpage to fill in notes about each branch of the government.

Charts of Colorado Weather

Get on the WeatherSpark website to see all sorts of different weather statistics for Denver, Colorado. Click on any chart in the month that you want to see more data for. Then, Click on the Wind Data for January. Record the average daily wind speed for January 6-11. Record them under “Average Wind Speed Data.”…

Natural Disasters

National Geographic Watch 3 videos and record 3 things you learned for each video. Tectonic Plates Map Which plates seem to have more kinds of plate movement than others?

Young Immigrants

Go to this Scholastic Page to find videos from young immigrants. After you watch, write a response that includes: Why they immigrated to the united states One other interesting fact that you learned about them or about immigration